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If you are familiar with JavaScript you have most likely encountered a few unexpected and odd behaviours while working with it. Some of them might make for a good joke between developers, but knowing them can save you a lot of time and trouble debugging your code.

In this article, I want to introduce you to some of these quirks.

1. Equality and Sameness

There are subtle yet important differences in how JavaScript defines equality and sameness. For beginners, the most confusing one is probably the difference between abstract == and strict === equality checks.

Let’s start by taking a look at a few…

You have a great idea for a product and you get extremely excited about it.
You spend countless hours working on your idea.
Your roadmap grows instead of shrinking, you are not even halfway done.
Motivation starts to decline, you take a break and decide to continue a bit later.
A new, more exciting idea hits you and you cannot wait to get started.
You put your current project on hold to pursue this new shiny thing.

Does that sound a bit like you? It definitely sounds a lot like myself.

When we worked on the MVP for our app…

In this article, I want to show you 10 popular apps that currently use React Native! Many well-known companies are making big bets on this framework.

They are developing complex apps that are used by millions of people every day. Still, despite having sufficient resources, they have chosen React Native over native app development.

This should give you enough evidence that React Native is not going to be discontinued any time soon and that you can use the framework for your next project.

Closed box
Closed box
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JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages today. You can build almost anything with it, like websites, APIs with Node.js, or apps with React Native.

The fundamentals of JavaScript can be learned quite fast, but mastering the language is challenging! There are many parts of the language that are not well-known yet, so I want to share six features with you that you have probably never heard about.

1. The arguments Object

Did you know every function you define in JavaScript has access to the arguments object that contains every parameter you have passed to the function?

This object is similar to…

Woman using binoculars by the sea
Woman using binoculars by the sea
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As web developers, we work with a lot of different technologies, frameworks, and programming languages. Getting started with HTML, CSS, and JS might be easy, but mastering each of them is hard.

HTML often gets overlooked, even though there are many benefits of knowing more about its features. Using HTML features instead of building them yourself can save you a lot of time. In addition, your markup will be much cleaner and more accessible to users.

So let’s take a look at nine features of HTML that you’ve probably never heard about!

1. The <optgroup> element

Let’s assume you want your user to select…

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It took me 441 days after the release of our app “Avocation” to hit the 1 million downloads milestone. When I started this project I knew absolutely nothing about marketing and ASO, but I learned a lot during that time. Spending money on paid acquisition channels was not an option for me, so I discovered ways to grow organically. These are ten actions I would recommend to you if you are looking for growth tips.

Put your most important Keyword into the app name

This is one of the easiest but also most powerful ASO tricks. First, you should brainstorm and figure out what’s your most important keyword. …


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This is my journey of scaling my first app, Avocation, from 0 to 100,000 downloads in less than six months with neither paid ads nor experience in app marketing.

Why Should You Care About Marketing?

First, a bit about me and how I ended up learning as much as I could about marketing apps nowadays.

I am a software engineer, working full-time as a front-end developer at Meister. In the past, I worked on multiple side projects as a way to learn new things fast.

In June 2019, after reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, my girlfriend and I had an idea of how to make…

One month ago I released my new side-project so I took the chance to reflect over the last couple of weeks. And I realized that I learned a lot during that time. These are the five biggest lessons I want to share with you.

1. The work just started

This was the biggest discovery for me after releasing the app. After we spent around half a year getting the MVP ready, I was really looking forward to the day when we get out the app.

I knew that there would be plenty of work to do after the release, but to be honest I still…

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When I started my latest side-project half a year ago I had to choose how to manage and persist the state of Avocation a React Native App I built.

I decided to use MobX for its simplicity and my experience with it. Setting up MobX and managing my apps state was easy like always, but at some point I needed some intuitive way of persisting my stores.

After some research I found mobx-persist, a great library to solve my problem with a simple API which was easy to integrate into my existing code base.

mobx-persist works for React Native, as…

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Nowadays it’s hard to think of any app that doesn’t save some sort of data. This has a couple of advantages over retrieving data from the internet:

  • Reading local data is much faster than over the network
  • It works without having an internet connection
  • Better privacy for your users since the data is kept on their phones

So if you are developing an app, it is very likely that you have already persisted some data locally. However, did you make sure to backup that data?

Why spend effort to implement data backups

If you are using React Native, you have probably already heard of AsyncStorage. Persisting data…

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